Class , Structure & Object

May 11, 2011


  • Class is group of objects that share common properties and relationships.
  • Class members are private by default.
  • Classes are reference type that is they are stored on heap
  • Class can be inherited and but can be instantiated
Class Employee { public in CustID; public in CustName; }


  • Structure is collection of different types of data types.
  • Structure embers are public by default
  • Structure are value type that is they are stored on stack
  • Structure can not be inherited but can be instantiated
Struct Employee { public int CustID; public string name; }


  • Object is basic runtime entity OR object is instance of class.
  • Object consistsof data and function together
  • Object allows designing systems that are more robust and portable through the proper application of abstraction
public class Student { public string First_Name { get; set; } public int Weight { get; set; } public Person(string First_Name, int Weight) { First_Name = first_Name; Weight = weight; } //Other properties, methods, events... } class Program { static void Main() { Student person1 = new Student("Anil", 66); Console.WriteLine("Student First_Name = {0} Weight = {1}", person1.First_Name, person1.Weight); } }

Student First_Name = Anil Weight = 66